the truth will set you free

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Trailer – “The Mockingjay Lives”


that doesn’t sound much like a happy ending

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happy birthday ana / dylans-obrien!!!!!

well well well look here ur birthday is FOURTEENTH of september and what is fourteen in spanish? (which i recently found out is also the language in mexico turns out mexican isnt a language that was truly my wake up call) its CATORCE? and you are a PUSSY? thats not just a coincidence… i had to saerch long and hard and go to the deepest paorts of the internet to find this RARE pic of dylan embrassing your culture after a luxorious night spent w ou look how happy he is he even bought a DORA shirt thats fuckin commitment?????? (soiler alert thats actually photoshopped it was original a once upon a time shirt (you know, cause once upon a time > teen wolf :/ ))

ANYWAY you puta!!! i hope you have an amazing day and get to eat all the tacos and sombereros and i hope there’s a dora marathon on because you are TRULY my mexiBAE <3 happy cumplenaos feliz!!! uno duez tres qutares fuez trois qatuers pitbull shakira shakira!!!

IL OVE YOU <3333

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Anonymous: can i use your gifs on my sidebar bby ? (srry my english sucks)

of course you can :)

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I’m not a killer!